Why Advertise on Cable?


Why Advertise on Cable?

It’s the advertising medium that gives you more for your money. Cable gives you the power and impact of television, with efficiency you won’t find anywhere else. Our rich collection of demographically positioned networks lets you zero in on your best customers by choosing to advertise in the geographic area that’s best for your business.



So Who Watches Cable TV?…


If you’re like most local businesses, your customers come from a defined area. With cable TV, unlike over-the-air broadcasting networks, you don’t have to pay money to reach audiences that won’t ever do business with you. Instead, you can focus your message on the geographic area that’s best for your business by focusing your attention on doing more business with your best customers.


Cable Zeroes in on Geographic Areas

We’ve got a channel for every taste; which means you’ve got an advertising vehicle for every customer you’re targeting. With help from your cable TV advertising professional, you can assemble an entire advertising package of networks that deliver to the right people for the right price.


Cable Targets Specific Audiences


Cable advertising makes your media budget work harder. It concentrates your investment on buyers who respond. Plus, with a wider range of advertising options than any other media company can offer, chances are we can deliver the solution that’s perfect for your budget.


Cable Advertising is Cost-Efficient


Cable advertising gives you more for your money – more choices, more efficiency, and more commercial messages. When you place your advertising campaign with us on cable TV, you’ll be a frequent visitor in the homes of exactly the people you want to reach.


Cable Offers Greater Frequency of Exposure


The sight, sound and emotional impact of full-motion video, the targeted readership of special-interest magazines, the high-frequency and low-cost of radio, and a highly-valued subscription product like the daily newspaper. Cable TV is the only advertising medium that combines the robust appeal of leading media vehicles in one easy-to-buy package.


Cable Combines All 4 Advertising Mediums…


When you advertise on television, it makes sense to make cable TV the centerpiece of your plan. That’s because cable TV subscribers watch more television; approximately 60 hours a week vs. about 42 hours for non-subscribers. More than half of all viewing in cable TV households is to cable-based programming – making it easy to place your message where it’s going to be seen.


Cable Viewers Watch More Television


Today, more than 84% of U.S. television households enjoy popular cable television programming from dozens of networks such as ESPN, CNN, TBS and many more. And within these homes, cable TV programming accounts for an average of 31.45 hours of viewing each week, up 75 percent over the past 12 years.*

That’s a lot of opportunity for you to reach your audience. But there’s even more good news: According to recent Nielson ratings, advertiser-supported cable TV networks now account for a healthy 44 percent share of the total-day national television audience.*

It all adds up. On any given evening, the television sets in more than 24 million U.S. homes are tuned to ad-supported cable TV channels. And when it comes to upper-income households, there’s no match for cable TV. In U.S. homes, cable television represents 85 percent of all U.S. household income. Couple the growing clout of cable TV with our unmatched demographic targeting and affordability, and you’ve got a combination that’s hard to beat.

*Source: Cable TV Facts, Nielsen


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